THE ROBOT SPIRITS (Ka signature) RX-105 XI GUNDAM (Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Ver.)


Under the supervision of Hajime Katoki, the sculpting and coloring faithfully capture its impression from the movie. You can even transform the model into flight form, just as in the movie, without making any replacements.

The pre-order period for this item may end suddenly (despite any previously announced pre-order end date) if the maximum order limit is reached. In this case, pre-order cancelations will no longer be available for this item from that time onward as well.


尺寸 : Height: approx 7.4inch
材質 : ABS, PVC
製造國家 : china
對象年齡 : For ages 15 and over.
電池 : No battery required
磁石 : None
小型零件 : None
  • May differ slightly from actual product.
  • Slight variations between each piece may occur in external appearances such as coloring.
  • The product specifications, shipping date, or ordering period may change without prior notification.
  • Orders may end suddenly if order capacity is reached. However, an additional order window may occur if there is high demand.
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